Weird experiences [2023/12/24]

My small collection of weird dreams/supernatural experiences I've had. (Note that this is all from memory, so I might get some details wrong.)

  1. The first incident was around mid April of this year. My older cousin gave me a Kenny McCormick plush that day. He told me that he found in abandoned @ his skools cafeteria area (we're in California so most of our skools cafeterias r outdoors). Kenny was quite interesting, but I couldn't tell how when I 1st saw him. When I went 2 sleep that night, I had a weird dream. It started w/ me in a weird field w/ some guys that were apparently rel8d 2 me. I was inside what seemed 2 b a car from around 20ish years ago. 2 other guys appeared and drenched them in gasoline b4 lighting them on fire. The guys burning were in such high detail I couldn't even tell if it was a dream or not. After they were burnt 2 a crisp, I ran back home, and hid in a kitchen cupboard. My mom asked me something b4 there was a knock @ the door, and I was told 2 answer it. When I did, it was 1 of the guys who lit my "relatives" on fire. The dream ended shortly after that. I told some of my friends abt it, and they were worried abt me. I honestly think it was just bad energy.
  2. Sleep paralysis; two words I'm quite familiar with. I've suffered from sleep paralysis multiple times, but I've only told some ppl abt it. I see flashing lights, spirals, humanoid faces during sleep paralysis. I'll also hear either screeching or some other loud and stressing noise during the episodes. I also feel my whole body as nothing but static. I remember the 1st time I experienced it. It was December of 2021 and my family just moved in2 a new apartment. Me and my sister had 2 share a bunk bed, so she took the bottom bunk the instant she heard that news. I was taking a nap on the top bunk around dinner time when it happened. I felt the static as black and white flashes in a spiral. I saw this weird face, a mans face it seemed. He appeared 2 b middle-aged, having a pale face, slight mustache, bushy eyebrows, and large lips. He just stared b4 I was able 2 move again. I stared crying from fear. I wish I could go back and tell myself 2 get comfortable w/ that since it wasn't the last time that would happen 2 me.
  3. Embry's accidental contact hex on me. It started during lunch 1 day. Me and Embry were joking around when he told me abt how he's pretty good @ doing nightmare hexes. I told him as a joke 2 do 1 on me, and he does. He also told me 2 draw a leviathans cross on me, but I didn't remember y he said so. A couple days l8r on Thursday, November 9th, I remember what he said. Like a dumbass, I grab a very specific pen and drew the symbol. B4 ik it, I'm on the bathroom floor after vomiting. I feel like I'm on fire and I'm shaking. I'm in horrible pain, so I wash off the symbol. 4 the rest of the night, I hear strange noises and see shadow figures from the corners of my eyes. We had that Friday off, so I couldn't tell any1 abt it until Monday since my phone was broken. When I get 2 skool that Monday, I tell a couple ppl abt the incident b4 I can tell Embry. Billy and Leah said something like "yeah he does that stuff b careful man" while his bf Micheal was like "idk man that kinda sounds like a cold". After I told Embry abt the incident during lunch, he's like "oh mb my intentions were a bit off". 

I'll upd8 this if I ever remember anything else.

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i think the top bunk is prone 2 sleep paralysis, because i used 2 get it 2 !!

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