XXV - The soap bubbles that this child (poem by alberto caeiro)

from the keeper of flocks - fernando pessoa

translated by me, sorry if i made any mistake, im not fluent in english but i wanted to share this poem


The soap bubbles that this child

Entertain themselves by letting go of a straw

They are translucently a whole philosophy.

Clear, useless, and transitory like Nature,

Friends of the eyes like the things,

They are what they are

With a round, aerial precision,

And no one, not even the child who leaves them,

Pretends that they are more than they appear to be.

Some can barely be seen in the lucid air.

They are like the breeze that passes by and barely touches the flowers

And that we only know that it passes

'Cause something lightens up on us

And accepts everything more clearly.

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wow i love that

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glad you liked !

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