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Who Was Going To Tell Me That Almost Every Member Of Reel Big Fish Is A Pedophile?? (Also, Somebody Needs To Take Ebay Away From Me)


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It's almost Christmas, which is pretty neat. That kinda means that the mail is all backed up, so I have been waiting for my RBF shirt to come in the mail. I think somebody needs to take eBay away from me, I just have so much old shit it's insane. Their old shit is now my trinkets, a win is a win. I just love collecting old shit with personality. Half the technology I use is pretty obsolete though, so when something breaks I always gotta wonder why my 40 year old electronics keep breaking on me. They worked fine for the last 40 years!

Anyways, on the topic of RBF, I was talking to one of my friends about them and apparently most of the members are pretty problematic. I mean, I can't act surprised about this shit, they're still making songs about their high school relationships 20 years later. But PEDOPHILES?? God, that sucks. Reel Big Fish wasn't really ever the best in the Ska genre, so i'm not that disappointed, but I still enjoy their music. I saw this comparison on a Reddit post posted like 13 years ago, but like if Ska music was food, RBF would probably be a greasy cheeseburger. Yeah, that shit is mad tasty, but gets kinda old after a while. Their counterparts or peers for example, like Less Than Jake and Might Mighty Bosstones from the third wave of ska in the 90's, have all grown and besides some kinda awkward stages, have progressed in what they're about. I think RBF is still stuck on high school relationships and hormone shit. Which isn't surprising, now knowing that half the band is still into high schoolers. As a high schooler, I'm sure that shit's relatable right now, but won't really be in a few years.

I don't know what I'm yapping about, man. The Aquabats stay on top for my favorite ska bands, personally. Yes, they're very goofy and a lot less punk now then back then, but I enjoy how silly they are. They stay unproblematic and continue to have a caring and thriving community. Also, they just make some good ass music. I don't care that I'm supposed to be listening to whatever 15 year olds are into nowadays, I'll gladly take this goofy ass trumpet music. (I say goofy in an endearing sense.) I love the Aquabats and The Aquabats Super Show, man. I got my Aquacadet number, which I know I've already yapped a lot about. I'm Aquacadet #2000881.. if you even careee.

When I say "whatever other 15 year olds are into", I am in no way attempting to gate keep the shit I like. It's the opposite, I think the world would be a lot better if more teenagers listened to ska. Unfortunately, ska has been dead for like, ever. There are albums in the 2000's talking about how ska is dead. Again, I have no clue what I'm yapping about here I think I'm gonna stop, dude. 

Still waiting for that new decemberween homestar runner toon.. maybe? Obviously Matt and Mike Chapman have like.. wives and kids now; and therefore have less time to sit around in a basement and update their website. I was super hyped when they released their Halloween stuff this year though. Homestar Runner is not dead!  Just.. has been updated less frequently since 2009. I got time to sit around my house and stare at their website, though. Maybe next year we could see the ever rare sbemail.

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