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BIPOC punk and alternative music

i will continue to update this post the more artists i discover! please leave suggestions in the comments :)

Death punk/proto-punk, formed in 1971

Pure Hell punk/proto-punk band, formed in the 1974

Bad Brains bpunk/hardcore, formed in the 1976

X-Ray Spex punk, formed in 1976, fronted by Poly Styrene

Sister Rosetta Tharpe rock n roll/gospel/blues. not alternative but she is considered the mother of rock and roll, incredibly important to the history of rock. not enough people know her.

Big Joanie punk/riot grrrl, formed in 2013

Romeo Void post-punk/new wave, formed in 1979, fronted by Debora Iyall

Pleasure Venom punk/post-punk, formed sometime around 2016, fronted by Audrey Campbell

Pierce the Veil post-hardcore/emo/alt rock, formed in 2006

Rage Against the Machine rap rock/funk/rap metal, formed in 1991, fronted by Zack de la Rocha

Meet Me @ the Alter pop punk, formed in 2015

Skunk Anansie alt-rock, metal, formed in 1994, fronted by Skin

Pinkshift pop-punk, formed in 2019

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omg my genre do you mind if i add some bands?? i have so many but i dont wanna be overwhelming 3:

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suggest away! i'd love to add more band to the list

by finch_kid; ; Report

palaceburn - metalcore (kinda like evanescence!!)

bodycount - rap and thrash metal (fun fact ice t is a singer!!!)

rage against the machine - alt rock and funk!!

knifewoundatl - hxc!!

cemetery s3x - gothic rock (they only have one single out right now but theyre coming out with more 2024!)

loathe - nu metal/metalcore!!

o’ children - gothic rock!!

meetme@thealtar - pop punk!!

witch mountain - doom with blues influences

bondbreakr - hxc!!

taqbir punks - hxc!! (so many hardcore bands omg)

hanabie - metalcore and “harajuki core” (think of babymetal but they actual scream!)

kittie - nu metal (idk if this counts but fallon is poc!!)

shewantsrevenge - darkwave!!

those are some of the ones i could come up with from the top of my head!!

by loopsypilled; ; Report

i forgot to add alot if these bands are pretty recent (90s and up) and still very active!!!

by loopsypilled; ; Report

thx for the suggestions! besides ratm and meet me @ the later i havent heard of any of these bands so tysm!!!

by finch_kid; ; Report

of course!! i hope you enjoy some of these :D

by loopsypilled; ; Report


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Pinkshift as well!!!

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I saw them open for LSD back in July and they’re all extremely talented

by frank; ; Report

how could i forget them! i dont rlly listen to their stuff (personal taste) but they're so big rn!

by finch_kid; ; Report

Same I’m not a huge fan but my friend is like their #1 fan lmao

by frank; ; Report


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a bit late maybe but if you're looking for recommendations i loooove love skunk anansie :) their album stoosh is suuuuper suuuuper good, the album is more alt rock, but if you're looking for punk songs the opening track 'yes its fucking political' is incredible!!

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Dude so fucking happy I found this!!! I've been looking for more punk and goth poc bands. Bad Brains is an obvious must I love, and I just started listening to pure hell a few weeks ago!

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poppy xp

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x-ray spex deserve sm more attention, probably my fav punk band :p

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same, they're great

by finch_kid; ; Report

♡ Mar

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check out The Brat!! cool Chicano punk band, came about in '79. I've only dabbled in their discography, but their stuff is pretty classic.

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i love this list!! they're all so good.

romeo void is a post-punk (new wave? something of the sort.. i think it leans more post-punk) band fronted by a native american woman. they're really good if you've never listened to them.

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thx for the suggestion, i'll def check them out!

by finch_kid; ; Report

Good start! Here's some from off the top of my head:

- Straight Line Stitch (metalcore)
- Sevendust (alt metal)
- Krypteria/And Then She Came (symphonic metal)
- Blood Has Been Shed (Mathcore)
- Killswitch Engage (metalcore; 2002 to 2011 with Howard Jones as frontman)
- Sleep Theory (hard rock)

I'll prob think of some more later.

by 𝔅𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔞 𝔒𝔡𝔢𝔰𝔰𝔞; ; Report