broccoli, the vegetable nobody truly remembers

broccoli, we all know how it first appeared. in the form of a mystical eltdrich horror that upon seeing on a plate, right next to the good foods like meat, or potato, would make anyone turn tail and rush to their bedroom, falling onto their bed and wondering why even the potatos couldn't use up the space that glorified fungal growth on your plate took up. at least in cartoons it was like that. but broccoli really is the vegetable. when you think vegetable you probably think. tomato. carrot. cabbage. these are vegetables that everyone knows exist, and they welcome them into the stew with open arms even though they're equally as useful, but broccoli is the outlier, you could be a broccoli, sitting in your chosen fridge, waiting to be used in the stew, but nobody uses you.. nobody uses you unless your a side dish, and while thats pretty integral to a meal it'll be a long time before you ever become a main course, unless the guy who bought you is a complete fucking nutjob

really, the only place you belong is not on a plate but on a screen, to be in an article about the most healthy foods of all time that nobody will ever really get around to eating, for some specific genre of people to start to obsess over, and above all else, the joke for all the kids to laugh at, vitamins are integral to a childs growth, and you, buddy, are the main ingredient to a beautiful. sense . of humor

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