Analog Horror Appreciation

Horror... Why do we love watching or reading horror?  The unsettling feeling people get from consuming horror media gives a dark sense of euphoria. This euphoric sensation of consuming dark media can be safely enjoyed at home without harming anyone. The horror genre has taken many forms on the internet such as creepypastas and ARGs. The spiritual successor to these is Analog horror. Analog horror are usually found on YouTube and consist of VHS quality videos that features distortions, hidden messages, and sometimes branch to other social medias or accounts. I wish to give these series my appreciation. 

 Analog horror is a form of art. It takes a lot of creativity to create a story that leaves for interpretation and analysis. I love seeing other YouTubers make videos trying to analyze what is going on in the story while the creator of said story is still drip feeding the audience with content. An analog horror series must take a lot of time in effort with editing, music, art, and coming up with the story. A good analog horror series leaves a person unsettled without using (or at least using in moderation) gross-out and shock-value level of violence. I think a good example of this is Gemini House Entertainment (GHE), it gives me a unsettling feeling because of the uncanny valley presented through one of the creatures in the series known as fake people.Fake people

I mean these things look just like a normal person and usually are screaming for help to trick someone into getting close to it. GHE does not part take in senseless and edgy violence that most horror stories fall victim to. 

Analog horror also gives me some nostalgia for a weird reason. I was some of the last generation to use VHS tapes and seeing these videos with VHS quality filters just gives me a retro nostalgia that I hope becomes popular again like records. Seeing Local 58 reminds me of the time when as a kid I'd be so excited to watch the local news station with my grandfather. Local 58

The logo just reminds me of the local news station that would come on channel 5. 

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