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last few days of the yr . . . ♪

27.12.23 | last few days of the year . . .
⊹ ︵⏜︵ ⊹ ୨୧ ⊹ ︵⏜︵ ⊹ ୨୧ ⊹ ︵⏜︵ ⊹ ୨୧ ⊹ ︵⏜︵ ⊹ ୨୧ ⊹ ︵⏜︵ ⊹ ୨୧
Hello angels, it's dulce here . . . ( ɞ̴̶̷ 。 ɞ̴̶̷ )  ˚₊·—̳͟͞͞♡
How are you all faring? I hope you're all enjoying your holiday so far, let me know what you've been up to !!

I feel like this is my first time blogging properly, so I'm not sure how exactly to word n address everyone... aaaa... for the first post i typed casually (using 2 instead of to, hve instead of have, yk?) but i think i'll be a biiiit more formal... something close to how i speak in real life. And also! How is this font? I'm so in love with it, I found it whilst I was creating my forms. I'm worried that it's not readable? so please let me know what you think ;__;  

PS. my phone literally died on me whilst i was typing this the first time and so i had to start over again, im so heartbroken . . . ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀

what ive been up, to as of december . . . ˚ ༘

So, up until the 15th of December, I had college ! The brief for my art project is 'growth and evolution', and so I've had a lot of ideas for it, but managed to scope down to a few: evolution of technology, anime art styles and the rococo movement. 

For growth, I focused on how over the years, the changes in our rooms reflect how we grow. I created a miniature room out of wet clay + bisque-fired it, but it it hasnt been glazed yet so I can't show post a picture... –__– 

I also created a plaster relief piece, GiRLS iN STEM [33cm x 29cm x 6cm ], inspired by Eduardo Paolozzi, Yvette Mayorga, Simone Rocha and Sandy Liang! Paolozzi's relief pieces explore the advancement of machinery, which really inspired me to create a piece using electrical parts like wires, circuits and whatnot. I created bows using wires, inspired by Sandy Liang's overall use of them, and Simone Rocha's bow tears in the AW23 show.

Though they seem unrelated at first, the marriage of machinery and bows show how people can have a mix of qualities traditionally linked to specific genders. The piece is about celebrating diversity, defying stereotypes, and recognising that strength and gentleness are universal, not limited by gender expectations. My teacher said that bows are too girly and well.. patriarchal? So I'm not sure how she'll interpret my work..

things im looking forward to in the year of  2024 . . . ໒꒱  ‧₊˚

 I'll be going all the way to Leicester, part of me says it's for my art research on the evolution of technology (which it is...) but deep down I know it's because of the tech that'll be there !!! CRT monitors & PCs, retro games !!! GAHHHH I CANT WAIT... real ones kno how crazy I am abt retro tech... the designs r awesomeeee n I'm thinking of getting a CRT monitor + painting it pink... idk if I have the space for it tho lol. 

!! i'll be turning eighteen on the 14th of february... im not sure what to do, honestly... im kind of scared as well since it's a huge milestone... but i can finally go raving w the girlies so im DEFINITELY looking forward to that hehe... i kind off have an idea about what im gonna wear, it's gonna be pink of course, and i just bought the sweet sonata heels from dollskill.

i'll be going for the first time next yr !! і absolutely CANNOT wait... i'll definitely hve 2 save up, esp if there's merch omg…..

♡  FMP
aaaa I have this really cool idea for my (F)inal (M)ajor (P)roject !!! It'll be relating to AI chatbots & how they can create parasocial relationships, especially when celebrities use them. I want to create a sculpture of a person inspired by shintaro ohata &>..< I think i'll start doing experiments early on in the term because it'll definitely take a while and I need to see what mediums are best. I've been researching ways to create large sculptures but I wanna make it like... animesque if that makes sense? so I'm not sure if casting is the way to go... I'll probably create armature at of cardboard and use paper clay to cover that up, wet clay, then seal it with primer or something...

ty for reading, i know it was quite a lot ♡. i hope ure all having a great holiday so far, resting well n staying cozy !! n for those who celebrated christmas, i hope u had a joyful time. 

⊹ ︶⏝︶ ⊹ ୨୧ ⊹ ︶⏝︶ ⊹⊹ ︶⏝︶ ⊹ ୨୧ ⊹ ︶⏝︶ ⊹ ︶⏝︶ ⊹ ୨୧⊹ ︶⏝︶ ⊹  

CLICK HERE to share ur experience with femininity CLICK HERE to answer a survey abt retro technology + AI !!! Avatar the illustrations are better than i could have ever imagined, ive been wanting this for years...
ive been a fan of the villainess turns the hourglass since 2020, i read it during quarantine and it was my first historical manhwa...
seeing how far it's come rly made me tear up like... A BOOK IN ENGLISH?
i'll definitely be collecting the series as a whole, it means so much to me... hopefully we get an anime...

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i love your blog layout so much omg

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very pretty blog layout :)

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finally a respectful and fun blog to read, you are doing good for the community...

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pico n boyfriend

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how do u do this please teach me

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by Proton; ; Report


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this is the best blog ever...

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ant plant (an)

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i aspire to be as cute as this blog

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UR PROFILE IS SOOOO COOK… two layouts yeah ure aa certified genius… + scott pilgrim <333

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how do you change the blog layout???

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love the blog and the layout and filled out both google forms :333

also is it possible to communicate w you more about what youre studying in college? i really want to study art but dont know what field or where to study yet :,33

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tysm ^_^ im british so its college before university but yeah !!!

by nini; ; Report

ofc and tysm as well !! :33

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your blog is so cute!!

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yami >_<

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this is absolutely adorableeee omg

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thank u ♡

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Ryougi Fangirl

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oh wow your profile and blogs are soooo adorable!! And also, you should definitely try getting a crt monitor and painting it pink and adding a buncha stickers n decorations to it!!! I've been really needing to get one myself since I have 4 CRT tvs but they just don't hit the same quality as a pc monitor...

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TYSMM n omg yes thats EXACTLY what im going to do! i think ill need like primer cuz its plastic n i'll have to find a way to take the frames off @__@ i just bought one from ebay the other day im soooo excited hehe. ALSO 4 CRTS IS AWESOME. i have one (pink disney princess one) n it's literally the best find ever

by nini; ; Report

oh ive always wanted one of the cute branded tvs!! btw if you open up a CRT in any way please be very very careful!! theyre extremely dangerous inside

by Ryougi Fangirl; ; Report

𝓗𝓸𝓽𝓽𝓸𝓹𝓲𝓬 𝓦𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓫𝓮

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Ur blog layout is SO. PRETTY!!!! I'm obsessed with it ngl... and the font looks amazing!!

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thank u so much ૮꒰ྀི ⸝⸝ᐢ ﻌ ᐢ⸝⸝ ꒱ྀིა

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how did you do this!!

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css is ur best friend ( ˆ͈̑꒳ˆ͈̑ )੭♡

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