unexplainable events

so this one time as a kid I was fucking around in the hallway and there just so happened to be this really huge mirror at the end of it, when i was a little kid i was constantly haunted by the fear that someone was watching me, and i was all alone so imagine how pants shittingly scared i was when i turned around and saw a fucking creature in the mirror. the thing looked like if dinosaur kid from undertale and the forever alone face got merged together in some sort of radioactive waste incident i was so lucky my room was right behind me because i was so sure that if i stared for any longer at it i would end up experiencing a 2012 roblox esque jumpscare resulting in my death

i never felt safe around a mirror after that

a few years later in colorado i think i saw a few weird things but they were just regular run of the mill corner of your eye hallucinations. like shadow figures and random floating masks but they were like jester themed masks for some reason, and even was visited by the mirror creature. thats not what your here for though, heres the strangest thing that happened to me by far

i was getting ready for bed, but i wasnt ready to really go to sleep, so i was just awkwardly staring at my closet waiting for something to happen, well something did happen. and it definitely wasnt me falling asleep

i was watching my closet door slowly open right in front of me, it lasted like a good 5 seconds before i blinked and it went back to normal, yeah not much to say about it other than yeah it was terrifying i slept with the lights on for a while and eventually just gave up and changed rooms. im a pussy i know, but something about that room weirded me out to begin with and that was the final straw

heres the last most recent thing. a while ago i started to have dreams about these little creatures, they invaded my dreams, in the form of roblox, on my fake in dream instagram or twitter feed, or i was even living amongst them.

Even in my waking life it was getting to the point when i saw anything that vaugely reminded me of them it just left me vaugely curious and also mildly disgusted in myself for liking them. whenever i would think of dreams in general my mind would always land on this dream of me at a shittily drawn party and there they all were standing around me and chanting, and then before i could say anything a giant hand would erupt from the ground and grab me. its like my dreams were. trolling me.

the truth is that these were actually trolls. yes. from the webcomic. and just when i finished it i stopped getting all those dreams. this is proof guys. all my life. i was destined to not be able to fight it. but guess what. i accept my fate with open arms this time .

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