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Animal Crossing New Leaf 2 - Accidental Time Travel

So I was playing Pokemon Ultra Moon, working on a Professor Oak Challenge. I was trying to get the Melemele Island Scan Pokemon, Scatterbug. For whatever reason, it kept giving me Horsea, which is the wrong reason. I googled it and it turns out "whatever reason" is that my 3ds is an entire year behind (so 2022 instead of 2023), and that the 21st of December in 2022 was a Wednesday, not the Thursday I needed. In a panic to reset the time, I first decided I'd change the Animal Crossing New Leaf Clock, as I was still early in my journey and I wanted it to be accurate to real life time.

It turns out I'm stupid and that by doing that I advanced a full year into the future. I forgot that that counts as time travel, and I wish that time travelling wouldn't actually benefit and the game had some way of knowing.

Unfortunately, this does affect the game a little. I have a house now because I paid the loan of 10k bells today, my bells in the bank probably gained a bit of interest, and I've been the mayor for a year (kinda). Hopefully this doesn't mess anything else up, and I'll have to remember to never touch the time settings again.

On a positive note I got to see the Northern Lights in Hatsune Town!

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Isabelle gave me a present for being a mayor for a year! Instead of opening it, I am going to send a letter to one year in the future me using the post office so I get it at the right time.

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Double Update!!
I forgot to attach the present to the letter so imma just put it in storage for a year

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Update III:
You can't put presents in storage. I'm just gonna open it at this point I don't care.

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