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21.12.2023 💔🕊️

On this afternoon, one of our famous university ever in Czech republic called Charles university got school shooted. Shooter have killed 15 people and have hurted 24 people, no matter if severely or only little bit. And then killed himself.

I won't talk about him that much, due to safety for not happening new school shootings, because it a lot inspires future shooters to do it after when they see that a lot of people talk about it. Only what I can say this is fucking disgusting. 

Most of us in Czech republic are absolutely in shock. We can't believe this happened. 

This is the one of the horriblest tragic events in Czech republic.

For me personally it hurts to realise those dead students will never come back to their homes and celebrate Christmas with their family in few days. Their places will be... Empty.

I don't understand these people who say shooters are sexy and cool. Most of them are mentally INSANE and have killed INNOCENT people or just for fun. If anyone is here who supports this shit, go to fucking psych ward. This ISN'T funny. This is litterally TRAUMATIC event, which AFFECTS fucking Iives of innocent people.

Rest in peace. You will be always remembered, 15 students. It hurts so much that 15 unique souls were murdered just because someone's fucking insane...

I hope other 24 students will be healed as soon as possible. You deserve much more than this.

For the rest of you all, 

Please, stay safe.

We can do this together. I promise.

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The humanity of certain people have been sent straight to the abyssal depths, never to be retrieved by them for the rest of their dying parasitic days, leaving them with a rotten, decrepit soul and mind that never questions, never knows boundaries, and when influenced by the darkness of the world since all of their outlets have been chipped away, becomes a true monster, desensitized, and out-of-touch. They think they are better than everyone else combined, and only partake in what gives them thrill, happiness, no matter what.

Such is most likely the case of the student that brainstormed, planned out, and executed the school shooting over a period of who fucking knows how long, without even thinking about others. It should be a huge priority to one: provide easy access to social outlets for outcasts who could easily become like him, two: enforce stricter rules regarding weapons, and three: create otherworldly rehabilitation to somehow restore their humanity, and if that doesn't work, put them in an scp-2701 like cell.

As for the students that are injured, physically and mentally, and the families of dead students, let this world pay you back colossally in some way, be it successful activism for the prevention of public gun use (or something similar), compensation, or something else.

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I saw this at the tv this evening…

It really breaks my heart to think that people can do that kind of horrible stuff..

I hope the other 24 are safe now..

I just feel sadness for the ones that couldn’t make it..may they rest in peace..

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Exactly, same here. I have no words for this. Only sadness...

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Me neither…

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