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about me (music warning)

"past or future, just let them be." - if yk where this is from pretty, please become my friend !

I go by Cyrus, Mordecai or Morde as a nickname! I'm Genderfluid and Asexual! I like kpop, jpop, and pop in general. I listen to almost every genre of music there is so I guess you could say that "I listen to everything typa person" lol 

Animes/Donghuas I like consist of Ponyo, Weathering with You, Howls Moving Castle, Corpse Bride, Link Click, Blue Eye Samauri, Berserk (original version and 2016 version), Your lie in April, A Silent Voice, Mirai, Trigun/Tristamp, Castlevania Nocturne, SVSS are just a few of the animes/donghuas I could think of rn but trust i have many more

Some of my hobbies/interests!

  • Cosplay
  • Furry
  • Alternative Fashion - cyberpunk, emo/scene
  • J-Fashion like Decora kei, Visual Kei, gothic lolita

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hell yes my man, rock on!! we should, like, totally jump off a cliff together!! (with parachute)

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i forgor you even existed!!!

by ztrnpb; ; Report