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fossils on spacehey

right so i truly dont wanna start shit here BUT what is with these overgrown, big, ancient, bothered, FULLY fleshed adults getting their panties in the biggest twist over the fact that there are people under the age of 67 on spachey???  likeeeee, oh golly gosh are there teenagers on the internet?!?!! we have to alert the church elders!!!!!! i agree that 9 year olds lying about their age to be accepted into spaces where maybe a 21 year old would be is weird but complaining that a 13 year old uses spacehey seems like the most looking-for-problems problem ever??? like yeah 13 year olds exist??? SHOCKER??!!! and before u old hags start throwing ur walking sticks at me and calling me an embryo, im 17 and turning 18 next year :=)  the thing is also that all these actual grandparents being so upset over the fact that they're old and people are younger than them is that when you tell them to maybe, just MAYBE not send death threats and nuclear bombs to a 12 year olds house because they stated their pronouns on their personal blog. they always respond with "ohh you wouldnt have lasted a day on the og internet!!!!!" like???? where you there?? sure youre 23 now but you were like 7 when my space died out???? you cannot start this much shit and claim something you werent even a part of????  be SO serious rn?? like " yeea naah what yall know about the battle of hastings? missing joan of arc rn she was a real one frfr x" like i promise u it was never that serious xx

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it's just bait, i'd ignore them. also, it's a little funny because back then the internet wasn't actually that unfriendly when i started using it (probably around 2008? i was very, very young). sure, there were edgy corners and offensive graphics, but those still exist today. it all depends on what corner of the internet you go to. i found out that being transgender is a possibility through the internet extremely early on in life, and the environment was very positive with people respecting pronouns, identity, etc. (there was more of an emphasis on assimilation and conformity though, i will admit.)

point is, they're just baiting and were on the wrong sides of the internet as a kid, which you can still do today. not much has changed, they're just trying to be edgy.

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