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Guilty Gear character tier list

This is based on how much I like them for any reason be it their story, personality or gameplay.

S tier ones all deserve to b e S tier and if you say otherwise you're nitpicking and biased I win bye bye

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pretty respectable bridget and bedman are criminally low though

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I still dislike bridget immensely but BedMan? is actually starting to grow on me so yeah you're right on that

by Nehiri; ; Report

I totally respect disliking brig her story is convoluted af and my friend in celestial complains about her 25/7.. she's the reason I got into strive and GG in general tho so :p

by Rainy; ; Report

Yeah, changing bridget's story completely in strive was a terrible idea imo. If they wanted a trans character, they should've made a separate character who's story up until that point didn't completely contradict a sudden change

by Nehiri; ; Report


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I saw the image before the text and thought this was a tier list for like...character strength in-game, and thought "wtf? strive may in S, wait why is slayer here??" XD

Nice list tho, I'd put Slayer in S cuz I love his goofy ass

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to be fair May is pretty close to being S tier. She's just not bullshit like nago or happy chaos

by Nehiri; ; Report

Happy Chaos isn't AS bad as he used to be since he got nerfed from the Elphelt patch, can't do the ridiculous guard crushing steady aim loops anymore lol

Nago is still dumb though...why did they make 214K a low...why is the second hit of 623H an overhead...who thought this was a good idea!?

by KitKate; ; Report


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when the gear is guilty

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Mfw I kill my wife 3 times so I become guilty gear

by Nehiri; ; Report


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I'm horribly biased because Gio was the first character I played.

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honestly I should've put her to A. She's growing on me these days

by Nehiri; ; Report


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how can you hate goldlewis he literally fights with a giant casket that has an alien in it

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His design goes hard but never liked his character :(

by Nehiri; ; Report

Whats wrong with your averaged based American?

by Helman; ; Report


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only based picks here are johnny jam and slayer (you put most of my favourites in B)

also bestament in F is unforgivable!!! i'm a filthy baiken main in strive but recently (yesterday) switched to testament and been having ungodly amounts of fun so BRING IT ON let's fight

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for that exact reason testament is F tier!!! I hate fighting against testaments and with time, I grew a resentment towards them.

by Nehiri; ; Report

lmaoooo sucks to suck! i strive off your hatred!!! it's what drives me forward FUELS me towards number ONE this ECSTATIC feeling of being despised is what keeps me GOING!!!

by YAN!!!!!!!!; ; Report

oh how I get that feeling. Every time someone gets mad at how bullshit Mortobato is I laugh my ass off

by Nehiri; ; Report


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Testament hate is wild! I think they're cool, though, I don't actually play gg, maybe they play like garbage. I'm mostly going off of style and looks and also theme songs. May has a good song so S tier is understandable.

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testament is okay, I just hate playing against them. Testament is one of two characters I usually just refuse to play against the second one being Happy Chaos. But Happy Chaos is such a silly man that I put him to S tier anyways

by Nehiri; ; Report