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Uh uh BJHM theory :3

If youve seen this on tumblr (prolly not) uhhh ignore that. (its my account dw 😭)

The Bojack horseman intro/theme is interesting for many reasons. For one reason, the ending of it. Why, may you ask? As it’s always the same, no matter the beginning of the theme, the endings the same. Its of Bojack falling into the pool and the police getting called while people look down at him (the least blurriest shown are Mr. Peanut-Butter and Diane). While the introduction on the other hand shows Bojack through his daily life but it’s different depending on his main life events at the moment. For example, when he was getting awards for Secretariat, it showed him in front of a movie theater playing Secretariat. I personally beleive it shows how no matter what Bojack does, the ending is always the same for him (to spiral back into his addictions). BUTTT thats where like that last season comes to play, where Diane cuts her hair, the next episodes theme shows her with her cut hair when shes looking down at Bojack in the pool. Which in my opinion, it shows that (going back to my last reasoning) it shows even though people change around Bojack, he doesn’t.

Hoping this makes sense because it did in my mind ^^

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