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about me thing

totally not stolen πŸ‘πŸ‘

about me!

name: jayΒ 

pronouns: they/he

birthday: dec 14

siblings: 0

job: still don't have one πŸ’”


hair color: dirty blonde i yhink

eye color: green

height: 5'4

ethnicity: white

dye your hair: no

have braces: in the future probably

wear glasses: yes

wear contacts: too scared 😭

piercings: soon maybe

tattoos: at some point


colour: red !!!

video game: disco elysium

tv show: midnight mass

animal: BEARS

food: uhh pringles

drink: apple and raspberry j2o

day of the week: saturdayΒ 

season: autumnΒ 

song: new direction (echo & the bunnymen), you and your friend (snake river conspiracy)

band: echo & the bunnymen !!!!!

holiday: christmas

book: the secret history

flower: marigolds


summer or winter: winter

cats or dogs: cats

pepsi or coke: coke

ocean or pool: pool

black or white: black

chocolate or vanilla: vanilla

rock or rap: rock

tv or movie: ermm both

stars or hearts: stars

bracelets or necklaces: bracelets

gold or silver: silver

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