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idek what to do rn

everyone else in my life is moving on. New interests new friends and I think everyone’s outgrown me. for reference I moved countries over a yr ago and time just kinda froze for me. I just feel like I lost so much through leaving and so far I’ve gained nothing here. and then I see ppl ik who also moved just full on THRIVE. im absolutely miserable where im at rn idek what im supposed to do with myself im just rlly tired. 

Im burdening my mom even tho she tries to hide it from me, ppl i knew before have outgrown me, i just feel it normal conversations, i feel like a 4year old accidentally sitting at the adult table. I’ve been nothing but a disappointment after coming to the uk as well. my grades suck and i git held back by 2 teachers in just one term, i had to hide in toilets, nowadays i just play tetrie on my laptop during break and wait for everything to pass and im ghosting my school counselor

I just can’t deal with all this loneliness forever, I’m awful at adapting to change and im just stuck in 2021. and ik it can get better but i just don’t see that happening in any 5 year future timeframe and im so fucking tired

if u read up to here thx and rmb to boycott Starbucks and McDonald’s!!

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