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So the secret santa exchange happened a while ago and my secret santa got a (reaallllly nice like omg) scented candle and THE MOST AMAZING WOODEN BOX EVERRR

 ive always wanted to start a jewellry box and decorate it and now i can
i dont have much jewellry now because im not allowed to go out without my parents so i dont have where to wear it but omg my god has this box inspired me to actively start looking for jewellry

i wanted to have a physical item of my love for rgu but my parents would take my laptop and my phone if they saw two girls kissing on my jewellry box so i just painted Chuchu

i still wanted Utena and Anthy on the box though so i put them underneath (sorry again, bad camera)
the reference picture i used lightened Anthy;s skin so i brought it back to the oringinal shade, also the picture makes it look like i didnt add her Bindi but i did (i keep saying ''i'' but it was actually my sister that drew Anthy and Utena i just painted)

 here the original artist :)

when i get enough jewellry to cover the bottom of the box ill draw them in a kiss myself and it will be my secret

so thats what i did today :)

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