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★poetry (tw: implied su!c!de )

DISCLAIMER: ive never EVER written poems, so if felt so embarrassing at first (can’t lie) but I didn’t because it’s on my bucket list (and it was actually fun 😒), if you see grammar problems PLEASE IGNORE !! so these poems are based on the virgin suicides, because I just watched that move recently (i need to read the book 2) !!


The girls on wreath street were special 

Never met any girls like them, 

They only talked 2 each other 

Only had each other

They met one another just by being a girl

And landed on our street 

They had white clothes that looked like bedroom sheets 

And wore jewelry like gold 

& ballet flats or barefoot feet 

No man or boy could come close 

To the girls on wreath street 

Fly Lucy

lucy always thought she could fly 

so when she jumped out her bedrooms pink balcony 

she was hoping she could glide 

the wind wiped her face 

as she plummeted down 

at one moment she felt as she could fly 

at one moment she felt peace and she felt free 

then she felt as if she could die 

lucy came crashing down 

a pool of blood surrounds her 

lucy always knew she couldn’t fly

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im ur #1 fan istg everthing u do/create is fucking awesome dude

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by lasvegas2; ; Report

bro deserves the world🫂💗🙏🏼⚔️

by bellzz!!!; ; Report


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This is so good and sad but like yk what I mean

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OMG THANK YOU !!! & don’t worry i know what you mean 💕

by lasvegas2; ; Report


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I actually love these, you should def keep up writing!!

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OMG !! thank you so much 4 the support 💕!!

by lasvegas2; ; Report

ofc!! <3

by ⋆♰nymbr-doll♰⋆; ; Report


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these are very nice poems despite the dark nature, i hope you will continue to share more in the future ! i really liked reading these, they were very interesting :) also, the addition of a playlist is so cool !!

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OMG !! THANK you so much, sorry for the dark theme lol, but im really glad you enjoyed it !! i really appreciate your support !! & YES i just thought of putting the playlist there out of the blue !!

by lasvegas2; ; Report

the dark theme is fine, i don't mind it at all !! keep up the great work :D

by nara; ; Report

thanks !! 💕💪

by lasvegas2; ; Report