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hl2 beta idea

so I have an idea for a mod for hl2, right?

it's like coterminus, the hl2 mod, but we start in c17

we also follow along the beta story, or at least a version of it

and I'm gonna divide this up rq


the beginning, green field G-Man opening, okay? he hands you a gasmask and you wake up on the train

you go into C17 and find Barney, he bails you out yadda yadda

C17 is like the concept art, but it's the more american style architecture sort of growing atop the more eastern european style architecture

you go outside and (this is why it's like coterminus, it's edited retail maps) the obelisk is replaced by the floaty consul thing in the concept art; the reveal of the citadel comes later

you meet Barney's friend and you two go along, he gets stopped, you go on ahead

now here it gets a little fuzzy, so I'll skip a bit

you meet up with Kleiner and do the teleporter thing, it goes wrong, like in retail and you have to get out of there

you meet with Barney and he gives you the crowbar

now this is where the reveal of the Citadel happens, through map edits and whatnot, and you go on to route kanal like in retail


and in the canals we use some beta maps as a base and sprinkle some reworked bullsquids here and there (maybe their projectiles don't go as far and they're a little slower? idk)

eventually we reach the shanty town and get supplies, we get in the airboat as the place is getting shelled (like in retail)

then we do water hazard, I haven't thought of changes here other than a different airboat model

(actually, idk if I would include water hazard, because of what comes after)

ok, so after the canals, the order gets a bit fuzzy, so I'm just gonna skip a bit because I have a fair bit of the latter half nailed down pretty well


ok, so Highway 17 happens basically the same as Coterminus, but (now I haven't played past this bit as of making this) the gunship in the crane area has a whole fight dedicated to it in the scout car

after that, you make your way along the bridge, fighting shit, until you reach a broken bit (destroyed by the conscripts, it slopes downward smoothly so you can still drive on it) and you drive downwards into the wasteland

then you go through the wasteland for a while and sneak into a Combine camp in one of the Combine trucks, you get into the depot and destroy it

you go to lost coast from there and do the stuff there

then the fisherman sends you across the sea on a boat with ammo and health caches

you fight stuff on the boat (xenian or combine origin, not sure)

then you reach Ravenholm on the docks


Ravenholm is unchanged, except for the name and the way you enter and exit


you get out of Ravenholm and travel in a mining elevator to the bottom of a canyon and you fight your way up said canyon into Kraken Base(still technically underwater, seeing as the oceans are drained) where you (maybe? not sure about this yet) meet Alyx and Eli

after this the story variations basically stop and research into the story fills in the gaps

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