i saw a post by @thesuntookcareofme about a spotify playlist made by Tangelojack called ''Anthy Himemiya: What If You Were Every Girl'' and oh my god im going to cry

literally the first song and im hit in the face with 

'' Can anyone hear me?
 Can anyone hear me?
The crooked are smiling.
They know me the best ''  (The Crooked, The Cradle by The Crane wives)

omg Anthy D: my daughter, the master manipulator of all time, victim of abuse, the pillar of the system of oppression, the system that oppress her,

and then while im recovering i hear this

'' Marlene watches from the wall
 her mocking sile says it all
 she records the rise and fall
Of every soldier passing ''  (Marlene On The Wall)

im on the floor. Nanami and Touga and Anthy and Akio, (i saw a cute fanart piece of Anthy and Nanami just hanging out, dont remember where though, its nice to imagine that years later they meet up every so often and do fun things :) 

also Utena  fits the role of the speaker in the song

/During lunch at Ohtori/
Utena:...and that's why i want to become a prince :D!

Anthy (through a look in her face):
                                                  '' You do all this big talking
                                                     So now lets see you walk it
                                                     and its obvious that your dying, dying...
                                                     ... Yeah oh oh open wide, 'cause 
                                                     you'll go out in style
                                                      you'll go out in style '' (Fences by Paramore)


anyway go listen to it im gonna go think now here's the playlist

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