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weird conservative harris teeter cashier

I was at Harris Teeter with my mom because we were going Christmas food shopping (and now I am so tired jesus mcfucking christ). When we went to check out, we went to this check out lane and this pretty old looking man was standing there. My mom asked if it was open, and with a thick southern accent he said, "Yes. If I'm standing here it's open, obviously. Why would I, the cashier, stand at my check out station and not be open?" Like a fucking asshole. Dude, my mom can be an ass sometimes but I hate it when people talk to her like that, especially when they don't even know her.

Anyway, my mom was nice to him because that's just the kind of person she is towards strangers, and she was awkwardly making small talk with him while she put stuff on the counter. When she put some bottles of sparkling cider on the counter (she doesn't drink so she just gets that), the man was like, 
"Gettin' ready for New Years?" And my mom was like, "Yeah!" 
He then said something like, "This year was pretty bad, but maybe it'll be different next year," and my mom said that her year was actually pretty good. BUT THIS MOTHERFUCKER SAID, "NoT iF tHeRe'S aNoThEr 911!"

What. The. Actual. Fuck. By this time, I was nudging my mom and trying to make eye contact with her, but she was awkwardly trying to talk to him because she was being polite. She was like, "Oh..? I don't know if that will happen but-" And the old man cuts her off and said, "Yeah they're talking about it happening again. Those immigrants are up to no good." My mom was trying to respectfully disagree to avoid conflict with this fucking weirdo, but he just kept talking about how he thought immigrants would take over our country and were going to bomb our buildings. Eventually, all of the shit we bought was checked out, but she had to run to the bathroom, so she left me with the cart at the end of the check out counter with the man.

I can gladly say I am very good at the "oblivious teenager who is unaware of their surroundings" facade, so I just pretended to be absorbed with this poster on the wall, and then my nails, and then I eventually pulled out my flip phone (which I don't have on purpose, it's just what I'm able to have right now-) and pretended to text my friends on it. I put off doing that because I thought he would ask about it, but he didn't. I just felt his creepy eyes on the back of my neck as I pretended to be oblivious until my mom came back and we left.

So that was weird as hell. And, while it was all happening, I had like a giant cup of Mountain Dew and then a can of Monster Energy, so I was all gittery and anxious.

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