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Oopsies, daily blogs forgotten about...Well not exactly, but things have just been a little stressful. I'm kind of fading in and out of each day, trying to get over every day as fast as possible so I can see my boyfriend faster.
I've also been working on making training content for my work, because next season I'll be a supervisor !! As well as end-of-the-year evaluation, which stresses me out significantly more. I don't have a very good perception of myself...

On my off time I've been playing Friends Vs. Friends with my boyfriend and company; have any of you played FvF? It's so FUN!!! Loooove hearing everyone bicker, but in a totally not serious way.
Everyone in the group has been super excited about Ready or Not fully dropping a couple days ago too, but I'm pretty bad at serious shooter games. Still fun participating, I just hope I'm not making things unfun for everyone by being bad.

Yesterday I finished the last of my Christmas shopping, I had to pick up a few things for my boyfriend's little brother. While I was out I wanted to browse Sephora, which was kind of a mistake. Those girls really know how to sell you something you don't need, and once they put it in your hand I feel bad putting it back. "I guess I'm checking out now..." Was my reaction when she put the tube of Rare Beauty lip oil in my hand. 
It's fine, it is really pretty. Even if I'm a little self conscious as a trans guy wearing makeup, I still look cute. Plus tinted lip oil isn't the same as a liquid lip, its subtler, which is what I like. And it has the added benefit of being a sort of skin care.

Anyways, I wouldn't expect these blogs to continue to be daily, but I WILL check in from time to time a week.

Hope your holidays are wonderful!!! 


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