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Christmas In A Week! (+ A Side Tangent About My Car)


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I feel significantly better than yesterday, I love mood swings. Anyways, I walked out to Walmart to get some stuff to finish wrapping my Christmas presents (and a few Rockstars for good measure). I listened to my favorite bands right now (Reel Big Fish, The Aquabats!, Mustard Plug, etc..) the whole time and I felt like I got a good exercise out of it. (My Reel Big Fish shirt should be coming in the mail soon.. !)

I did some more driving practice with my dad earlier, and we were pleasantly surprised with how well Horton (what the car is named) ran after a few months of sitting. Everyone has been super busy, so he's been kinda rotting in our driveway for a while. He got out on the freeway today, probably for the first time in years, and he did pretty well. It's not that nobody likes the car, but my dad has moved on to a different daily driver, so it is now in my possession, but I don't really have my license yet lol. My friends really want me to get my license as soon as I turn 16 because they really like my car. 

Besides the fact that I grew up in the backseat of the car, I like Horton because while being a 51 year old muscle car, he doesn't give off asshole vibes. 1972 Plymouth Fury III (C Body, 4 Door). It's no Dodge whatever, and it doesn't have crazy flames on the side, in fact it's a nice baby blue. The interior is comfortable like a couch, because the 70's lol, and he just gives off his own special vibe that doesn't tell other people you're an asshole, but that you're genuinely into cars. He's also just great to drive, besides some kinda weird quirks.

But you get used to 'em, and they become a part of the car. There's no way I could possibly sneak away with this fucking car, it takes like 5 minutes to start up and it sounds like a 747 airplane engine. There's cigarettes in the little cig holders in the back (from when cars still had those) that are from before my dad bought the car in 2008 for like 900 bucks. I used to chew on those as a toddler. There's a little tree on this ignition that's from a discontinued smell, and it gives the car its signature smell. If that thing stops 'smelling', I don't fucking know what I'd do. Despite spending years sitting, and being owned by various poor teenagers (those being my father and then me), it's still the most reliable car we own. Like, we have newer shit that runs way better, but this guy would outrun all of them, somehow. I think this thing could survive a nuclear bomb.

Anyways, it's almost Christmas, I guess. I don't really feel all in the "spirit" this year but that's kinda just what happens when you get older. It's kind of hard to enjoy Christmas when I know there are families and children being starved or bombed to death in other countries. It does make you more thankful though, for what you got. I know I'm pretty thankful for everything I've got, even if it isn't central heating.

Happy Holidays to all those who celebrate 'em!

EDIT: NO CLUE WHY THE FONT WAS SO BIG?? Can't fix it sorry lol

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