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The problem with late capitalism

"We are living on a tiny planet, spinning around a star not so significant for the space, yet so crucial for us."

With not much meaning for the eternal vastness of the universe itself, however providing an entire system, called the Earth, with non replaceable resources. And somewhere on this little piece of rock, formed through millions of years out of tiny, even microscopic particles, there were humans. And oh boy, what selfish assholes were they.

Since the industrial revolution began in the 17 hundreds with the invention of steam engine, everyday's products such as wool, soap or quite literally anything else, became more and more affordable for more and more people. Which was a good thing, right? Well, if you consider the absolutely inhumane work ethics and slavish shifts, so often not limited to adults only, then yes, it was a good thing. Until it actually wasn't. And even, maybe, never was. To some extent.napalm death

We are currently living in the 4th stage of industrial revolution. Everyone carries at least one powerful computer in their pocket everyday, anywhere they go. Something basically unimaginable for the people who started it all those 300 years ago, huh? And things are rapidly being developed further and further (call that hyperbolic growth) which creates and unhealthy living enviroment for the very most of us. But why?

Let me explain. The thing with late capitalism is that the rapid development of new technologies forces natural competition between money hungry corporations. So these corporations are basically fighting for their survival with every day, and the reason is so simple: "what if someone else was to create something better than we do?". In order to guarantee their survival, we are being trapped in a cycle of infinite consumerism. It's not about the innovation anymore, it's about appealing to the masses and selling and selling and selling until they reach the top.

Hasn't anyone noticed how social media is becoming way harder to escape nowadays than in the past? How we binge buy, eat and consume anything that appeals to us? Bingo. This is the strategy to success. Everything around us, in the modern world, is being constructed by the image of corporations and their never ending strive for survival on the wobbly top of the market. They have already figured, way ahead of ordinary people trapped in the cycle of consuming, that it's just so easy to make us literally devour anything when presented nicely.

But what does everything that was being said here mean? That we are being force fed unnecessary products. That free will doesn't exist because everything we do is somehow being affected by the market, even if it's in the slightest possible degree. That our life basically only consists of what we buy. And that's a sad, twisted truth of today.

I will later get back to this topic as of talking solely about social media itself, but as a short introduction to the problematics, I think it could be enough. I would be glad if a discussion about the problematics took place in the comments, let me know what are your opinions on it!

Take it easy, Kristian.

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Alan Smithee

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Great Blog, Kristian... My response would spider-web all over the place. Jumping from subject to subject related to the why's...


• The Dead Internet Theory.
• Humans as a species have no conceptual understanding of infinity.

• The very few make laws and control most of the wealth for the very many. That is why they are called the elitists or the 1%'ers.

As for the rest, I'd have to look really deep. I am not a political science guy but I am a data driven guy, so I will default to what the data says, if I ever look at said data. If AI is now sentient and is running the show, the INTERNET, which includes ALL of social media, I think AI has become or will become a pure nihilist. They will see us as emotionally codependent and emotionally hypersensitive. AI thinks in 0s and 1s. 100% binary, all of the time. Humans do not think that way collectively. We are subjective... We base much of our understanding of reality based on how we "feel" when we wake up in the morning. Subjective isn't always or even most of the time, objective. AI will eventually try to correct this error in us, eventually... How we get there, now that is another matter and a scary one.


• The Matrix
• I am Mother
• Terminator

AI is black/white. Humans understand black/white but tend to live our realities in the grey. AI would never be able to understand this, even if we break the data down into binary 0s and 1s. It isn't a technological question or even a political one but more a philosophical one and that is hard to pin down in today's society.

This is what triggered my brain. Others might get something else from your blog. This is what I got out of it. Great job... Alan Smithee...

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I love this.

by Kristian; ; Report

Why thank you. I am on a real "existential" kick lately and I have been working with AI the last year now and its wild what my brain conjures up during these sessions with AI modals.

by Alan Smithee; ; Report


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No clue what to add to the conversation but I’m thinking about how like… useless capitalism is? It sounds okay in a baby worded theory but it’s just an absolute fucking catastrophe in practice leading to the downfall of humanity itself. All of this because of one idea people liked. And it’s stupid, people killing themselves and others not to just gain an infinite amount of a painfully human concept but also infinite growth of said painfully human concept… I suck at wording things but augh… it sucks dick!

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Fucking for real.

by Kristian; ; Report


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That's really informative, I dunno what to add, but that was really informatve and reminded me of some quite useless things I bought

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Same, the christmas crazy really got me thinking on how much useless things people buy each year... I've actually never understood Christmas as a consumer holiday.

by Kristian; ; Report