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nothing feels like anything

     It's almost Christmas but it doesn't feel like it. This month has just felt like another regular, boring, one. I used to look forward to the holiday, especially because my birthday is the day before, but over the years it's just gotten depressing and uneventful. Does anyone else feel that way? It's not just Christmas, everything (Holidays or not) feels so empty and bland to me. It feels like nothing's going on, like I'm stuck in a time loop. I need winter break to end, I need to get out of my house. 

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Yeah, I've been feeling the same. The holiday vibes just haven't been there for a while. I'm wondering if part of it has to do with holidays bleeding into eachother. Like how Christmas stuff is sold around the same time as Halloween stuff in stores, and Thanskgiving is basically no where to be found. The weather has also shifted a lot over the years, the first snow getting later and later with seemingly less and less each year.
Everyone's also just been...tired. Too much work for one reason or another, be it school, a job, or just keeping themselves alive. Stress everywhere without much time to take a break and enjoy the holidays.

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