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yo! this is an intro


i already said this, but this blog is for me to put down information about a video game that im making in a way that wont get too much attention. and i dont want to post anything important yet (but im planning on doing so this week! on a weekday, not the weekend), so for now ill just be giving a brief, useless overview on what itll look like when i post

first, the title will usually consist of a date, then whatever the blog is going to be about--- for example "11/06/2022 --- Age Rating" (by the way, my first blog that has something to do with the game will be about the age rating, a short description of the plot, characters, inspirations, etc.!!!)

second, i will post at least three times a week. at least, thats what i plan to do. 

third! on my profile, theres a link to my tumblr account---on my tumblr blog, sometimes youll see hashtags like "66's arms" or something similar (Malia's legs, Claire's legs, Itoro's gloves, and more!)... whatever is actually being reblogged (i.e., if something says "claire's [something]", there'll probably be an outfit or piece of an outfit with a lot of lace). these posts are usually things that i use as references when im designing a character!! so, if youre interested, you should look for these posts on my tumblr blog :D

fourth, im sorry if the posts are kind of randomly ordered, or my writing just makes no sense at all! practically everything ive put online so far (and even some of the stuff i text to people i know in person) are more for me than them in my head---its kind of all a note-taking system for me.

i WAS going to write some more, and i wanted to make sure i did so this weekend, but this is all i can remember... stay tuned for more stuff this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and my future post will have capitalization and better grammar. i was kind of in a rush when i wrote this)

thank you for reading :]

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