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I already talked about how much I fucking love idols and this time I'm gonna talk about individual girls rather than full on groups.

You Watanabe:

You is proof of god's existence. God made us perfect with 2 hands. One of my hands holds You's hand and the other holds Emil's hand. Like me, one of You's hands holds my hand and the other holds Chika's hand. Thus the perfect harmony is born.

You is probably the character I love in all anime ever.(Not that big of a feat considering I watched very little anime but still)

She beams positivity like no one else, is always there with the funniest stuff and just has the best fashion sense. I mean, she's wearing a god damn hat with her own name on it, it's perfect. But seriously her other dresses are really cool and pretty too.

Whenever she's on screen, there's this brightness that I can't truly explain but that brightness becomes especially blinding when she interacts with Chika. They're perfect together and You is perfect by herself too.

You Watanabe's song of choice: Paradise Chime

Rin Hoshizora:

Cutiepie of Muse. Is there anything about Rin I can say that isn't already being said by this picture? Sure as hell there is and that's how cute she is when paired up with Hanayo. They're match made in heaven and when I saw them leaning against each other by the window in the Muse movie I almost died.

Rin with her lil cat mouth and stupid-ass behavior makes her one of if not the cutest member in Muse. It's always pleasant when you see her and her music also bangs.

Rin Hoshizora's song of choice: Koi no Signal Rin rin rin!

Anzu Futaba:

I mean... Is there anything I have to say? Look at that face, she's one smug mf. This lazy bastard flew to the top of my lists with her personality and banger music. She doesn't wanna work, her songs are about her not wanting to work and instead just staying in all day which is honestly mood.

Also her being pairing with Kirari is so cute with their duo song being a banger also while being hilarious.

Anzu Futaba's song of choice: Anzu no Uta


Regret my gal. I do not expect ANY of you to know where she's from. She's from The Caligula Effect 2 which is a game only like 50 people played I think.

I can not give details to her personality since she's kinda the main villain of the game, no that is not a spoiler that's literally the whole plot of the game.

But her personality isn't the main reason why she's on here, she's here because of her banging god damn music. Regret will be the only time in this 2 part series where someone gets multiple songs as "song of choice". Also all these songs are songs that play during dungeon crawling parts of the game and they go so hard.

I will probably make a game review of The Caligula Effect 2 soon.(also I know her title is a funkier color than others, I thought it fit her more)

Regret's songs of choice: SINGI, Eternal Silver, Swap out, xxxx/xx/xx


Nico Yazawa:

Nico Yazawa's song of choice: Niko puri♥Joshi dou

Chika Takami:

Umi Sonoda:

Umi Sonoda's song of choice: Storm in Lover (I know it's a duo song with Eli but idc it's an amazing song)

Nekomata Okayu:


Echorin-P's song of of choice: Lag Train - COVER by Echorin-P

Tomori Kusunoki(Former seiyuu of Setsuna Yuki from Nijigasaki):

I think I'm done talking about idols for a while. I love them so much and maybe I'll just list more of them later without song of choice stuff. Just idol and a picture of them. Doesn't seem fun tho. I'm glad I did this 2 part blog cuz now I know what game I'm gonna review next! The Caligula Effect 2!!!

Thank you if you even read this far or read it at all lol. I was gonna make this part 2 yesterday but I got too lost in playing ff14

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Honestly, I'm not too interested in idols but I love how passionate you are about it! It's contagious.

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GIVE IN TO THE IDOL CRAZE. I HAD NO INTEREST IN SLICE OF LIFE OR IDOLS BUT THIS THING SUCKS YOU IN. I haven't talked about nesoberis yet. Google "love live nesoberi" and see a new side of idol beauty

by Nehiri; ; Report

I Googled nesoberis and I got a vision, in this vision I saw my bank account being depleted and a bank worker trying to decipher why I bought so many nesoberis. You have potentially ruined my life. Other than that though, how could I get into idols? What would you recommend?

by Slip_Moth; ; Report

Love Live! Simplest entrance to it tbh. Great anime, start with "Love Live school idol project" since that's the first anime. Every 2 season there's a new anime title with a new group. School Idol Project is the first group's anime

by Nehiri; ; Report