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So things are highkey going so good fur me rn! Im so not used to being this happy all the time. Ive made so many new friends and even reconnected with some old ones and im so glad. Ive finally realized that whenever it come to friends, its always quality over quantity. After spending about a month with no friends or people to talk to, it made me closer to the people that I actually wanna keep in my life. Also, Im so obsessed with the last person i blogged about. I really wish i could do something about it but i really cant. For now, i think we should just stay as besties. I love this guy so much. Even if we dont get together, he will forever and always be my ride or die.

Anywaysssss! Im also really getting back into music and i love it so much. Its like my musical flame has been sparked again. Oh! And me and my new bestie, Summer, are saving up money to go to Welcome to Rockville in May! Its kinda hard because I cant drive but i think im about to start babysitting so we can make some money. Im really excited to see where these next few weeks take me!

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