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coding help

Im having trouble, I would like to change the title color on a drop down menu but i can't figure out how, help is much appreciated

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In the

element, you have to add the element, then you can set the color, size, etc. For example, the following code makes the title a bright red:

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In the summary element, you must add a span element, so then you can customize the color, for example:

< summary >< span style="color: #ff0000" >title< /span >< /summary >

(Just without the spaces ofc)

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I already did. I'm using jotakak's drop-down menu code as an example. Where it says "< summary >...< /summary >", you would add "style="color: #color code here;" to change the color.

dropdown menu name

insert text or images here

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thank you very much

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