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Random Poem again

The world is grey and bland

No bumps or hills in this land

A straight and narrow road

Stuck in spectator mode

I yearn and I chase

I'm stuck in this place

In my mind I have no face

Suddenly there's mountains ahead

All my life I've been spoon fed

By a rusty, broken spoon

As I walk I'm steps away from doom

Time goes by and I'm just stuck 

In an eternal rut

Nothing brings me me joy

And I don't mean to be coy

But my odds are against me

There is chaos but there is peace

A never ending cycle, over and over

I look over my shoulder

The woods are watching me 

Old and grown and can see

My immaturity 

In how I walk, talk, and do nothing

Yet in bed I long to do something

Why is it so hard to live

It feels like there's nothing I give 

To this world, but it never gave me shit

Yet I have food, friends, and a nice place to sit

What the fuck is wrong?

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