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My heart beats for three people I love (partner appreciation)

I'm here to rant once more about how amazing my partners are, cause they make me so happy.

They're also gonna be color coated in their favorite colors lol

Since I've know Chris the longest, I'll start with him. He and I have been through a lot together, and even though he can't always be there for me, I understand it. He's still amazing and I'll love him forever. 

And he's always so silly omg. We can be laying in bed and he'll say the most out-of-pocket shit to make me laugh, even in my worst times. Like we were in bed the other night, and he just randomly, "Ricky scoot over, you're taking up the whole ass pillow" 

It just makes me laugh cause I know he's joking and bullshitting me. He's the absolute best, and I love him so much.

Next is my fiancee. I've know them around the same time I've known Chris. And by then, we were just friends. Some of my alters started getting with theirs, meaning our friendship started strengthening more. 

So after a few issues on their end, and a breakup on my end, we started becoming friends while I was with "the bastard", we stopped talking for a bit (totally not even my fault, the bastard's fault because she got me to cut off all contact), then started talking more.

So after the bastard left me (yeah, she left me, guys-), and after a small healing process, my fiancee and I got together. And it's been an amazing journey so far. I'm so excited to see where everything goes with us. 

And guys... they said yes to marrying me ^-^ They are my creature I plan on marrying one day <3

Moving on, last but not least, C! I love him so much. And he was there during my first incident, then went to live his own silly little life. Then sometime in February of 2022 he made his way back in to my life. And that was a good change. So after talking to my partner, at the time, he agreed to let C be with us. And that's been the best choice of my whole life.

C's taken such good care of me over the years, and I'm so glad I have him. 

He also jokes around with me like Chris, and his jokes are just as amazing. C's jokes are similar to Chris's, but they're still quite amazing. We'll joke around, call one another profanities (bitch is our favorite at the moment) or just call one another other things ("fag" is one, only cause we are one-), and it makes all four of us laugh more than it should. We're just all so silly together.

All of my partners are just as amazing as they can be, and I love them all so much. And words cannot express how happy they make me. They've made me so happy over the past few months, and I hope to make it years with all of them. 

Babies, when you see this, know how much I love you, and know how much you all three mean to me <3

All three of you are the best partners I've ever had, and you never ask me to do anything I don't wanna, and you let me have things that I want. You all three spoil me, and let me have anything I want (like my comfort candies)

You are the best three partners ever, and I can't wait to make it an entire lifetime with you three. You're all stuck with me, through thick and thin. 

I'll forever love all of you. No matter what. Forever and always.

April 28, 2023

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Love you <3

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I love you too sugarplum <3

by Ricky; ; Report

Chris lol

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