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Angel Beats Papercraft!!


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This is a translation.

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 Kanade Tachibana (Angel) - Angel Beats 

 ⭑ Design by: SSN 

 ⭑ Size:  15.5 cm (new version) 

 ⭑ Time: about 7 horas (including cutting and gluing) 

 ⭑ Difficulty: ★★★☆☆ (3/5 - medium) 

 Angels ❣ 


 ⭑ First of all: 

          Redoing the first more complicated model I put together!! Actually, it was the second one, but the very first one in sturdy paper... The first one was actually a Hatsune on sulphite, and she couldn't even stand up (it couldn't handle the wind...). After that, no other model was on normal paper.

The first-born! Miku was in a cardboard box...

I think you can see who's the favorite... 😶


          I made this Angel when I was watching the anime at the beginning of 2022. I'd been wanting to remake this model for a long time, so I managed to finish it in a measly 2 days (XD). Almost 2 years difference between them! The main change is in the creases, which, in the old one, I made in any minimally rounded part, due to inexperience. The geometric aspect of this technique is not very pleasant... 😅 



Creases in the hair and in the lower body

And in the lower body


 ⭑ About the production: 

          This model is quite simple, without too many details or accessories. The only addition is the wings, which I didn't like very much because they're not in a good position... They look like they're halfway down, don't they? They should be closer to the shoulders, but the hair won't let them. 

      What I found most complicated were the arms (I also had a problem with them in the other production)... One right hand ended up going to waste because it crumpled when it was being glued on... 

        Another tricky part is the bow on the collar. If you don't have a very sharp stylus and good motor skills, say goodbye to it and to your patience... On a positive note, the author has already left two of them on the model, just in case one gets damaged!!

 This... is torture.


 ⭑ Gallery: 

Abbacchio?? 😯😯


The clones in their natural habitat (my bookshelf)!!


 ⭑ Download link:  

       You can find the download link for the template and instructions in this post. 

     See you next time!! 

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