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IDOLS!!!! Part 1

Taking a break from game reviews to talk about idols!

God I fucking love idols so much. How do they radiate such happiness and light into our world I have no idea but they do somehow. I'm just gonna ramble about my favorite idols and idol groups. Starting with groups.

I will also give an "favorite song" for the group or individual. Individual girls may not all have a "favorite song" due to them not having a solo song. Also while writing this I realized that it'd be better if individual girls had a part 2 blog.


If there was a competition for the silliest group of girls, Aqours would win that competition. It wouldn't even be a contest, just Aqours straight to the top. No need to look at any other contenders.

This group of silly billies take a special place in my heart due to being the first group of idols I ever cared about. Yes, I watched Muse before Aqours but I never got the same connection with them. Do I dislike Muse? God no, I love em too. But my love for Aqours is completely off the charts.

Aqours is perfect in every way, every single one of them(except one, cough cough Riko) are wonderful and unique. Their interactions never fail to put a smile on my face.

Their songs are also great with some of my favorite songs being Aqours songs.

Aqours song of choice: Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru Kai?


Muse is one of if not THE classic. The group being totally iconic both with their members and music, you truly can not go wrong with Muse. They're a lot of people's introduction to the world of idols and they're the best introduction you can have. The group having something for everyone and the anime being perfect. I can never stop the flow of tears during their first and final performances.

As I said before, Muse is also home to some of the most iconic songs to come out of this series, most notably Snow Halation.

Muse song of choice: SENTIMENTAL StepS

Deep Cut:

Yeah, I know. Deep Cut aren't anime characters, but they're still idols so they count!!!
Deep Cut, while still being fairly new jumped up on my list of favorite idol groups almost instantly all thanks to their character dynamics, designs and music. Especially Shiver has a really good design that just refuses to leave me head sometimes.(Team shiver ftw)

Deep Cut is also really cool since you as the player can interact with them in the story and outside of the story being during splatfests or just watching their show through the windows(they wave at you if they see you)

Deep Cut song of choice: Big Betrayal (sorry this one is a youtube link, nintendo doesnt like their songs on spotify)

Some honorable mentions:


Afterglow song of choice: Scarlet Sky


RAISE A SUILEN song of choice: HELL! or HELL?

Squid Sisters:

Squid Sisters song of choice: Spicy Calamari Inkantation


Nijigasaki song of choice: Fashionista (I know this is just a sub-unit song but it's still damn good so I'm counting it)



Ty for reading, I'm probably gonna make the part 2 tomorrow. It's gonna have singular girls rather than whole groups

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So so real for Deep Cut! Even realer for Shiver! I love Shiver she's awesome!

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