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bass wk2

okay hi another week another bass update. totally didnt practice twice this week and one of my 5 practices got cut short by pavlove dropping but its not like ive learned NOTHING. im starting to get teenagers down and ive def got 21 guns now. knowledge by green day is currently the point i want to be at by the end of at most two months. bass solo in teenagers as of right now is sloppy and choppy and not super great but i can do the rest of the song fine! which doesnt mean much since its easy. and ive got like one waterparks song ALMOST down but again, theyre basically all easy, so thats not saying a lot. current reaction whenever i try to learn smth new is just 'wow. im BAD.' but its okay im getting there. also ive only had this thing two weeks im allowed to be super shit. i have officially given up on ofpf and im doing just fine without it. microshiftings getting less choppy and im starting to hold my bass in a way that makes it easier. still not learned scales but its not like i really plan to  join a band at any point soon due to my borderline agoraphobia so yk. ill get around to it.  okay this is a short blog post because im totally in the middle of practcing as i remembered to do this and my fingers hurt too much to warrant writing more. k bye.

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