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Can they fr stop trying to name a new King of Pop?

Honestly, i'm getting pretty sick of people trying to erase Michael Jackson's legacy by trying to name new kings of pop. Half of these artists that they're trying to call "King of Pop" aren't even that well known around the world, any less than in general. First it was some other person, and now recently they're trying to crown Bad Bunny?!

now don't get me wrong, Bad Bunny does write some good songs, but nobody knows his name around the world like that. I GUARANTEE if you ask literally some randoms if they know who that is, they wont know him.

yet if you ask someone who Michael Jackson is, they'll know automatically.

Michael Jackson has left a long-lasting legacy in the music industry, so long that even children who haven't even LISTENED to his music knows who he is. AND NOT ONLY THAT, but he was a WORLDWIDE humanitarian too!

Let the REAL King of Pop rest in peace, AND STOP TRYING TO ERASE HIS LEGACY!

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