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We get out of school for break tomorrow!

My mom is going to let my bff take the bus to my house. Then, we’ll hang out until Saturday afternoon. And after that she goes home. This is the first time I’ve had a friend over. I’m excited.

My mom got me a book. It’s the book I’ve been wanting! The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls. Emilie Autumn is a bad person. 

I was reading the book to my other friend during P.E. She liked it, too. I’m excited for geography. 3rd period ends in 6 minutes, as on 11:02 AM. 

I’m excited for the bus ride home. Not because I’m going home, but because it’s fun. This older boy and I throw the sporks and old pencils my friend collects out the window. It’s sounds lame, and it is. The sheer anticipation of waiting for our old substitute bus driver to turn around then waiting until his bug eyes turn back, mixed with the obnoxious giggling after we do throw it out the window and he yells at us for being “too loud” makes it all the more fun.

It’s time to go now.

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