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yo i asked this dude for his charger and he said “no idk you” 

Like nga ion een kno ur name why you talking to me as if youre not in the corner of the room, hoodie up and on ur phone. Even worse, youre MUMBLING to yourself, pyschotic ass mf 😭😭 ik this is the closest a womans ever gotten to you but jesus, i didnt even speak to ask you for a charger, the teacher asked FOR me if i could use ur chargr

Like sheesh ive never seen such a virgin in my life, freshest meat out right now ☠️

And i dont wanna hear any “oh but junebugg u dont got a bf, u cant make fun of him for not having a gf”

Well unlike his gf problems, you can’t blame me! Nearly all the boys in this school are either racist or losers like him

I didnt say anything n i still got the charger tho, next time i want a charger im deffo not talking to him, crazy ass fool

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