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first looks: blogs

the blogs in this site are.. concerning to say the least..

most are just people hating on or exposing others, atleast thats all im seeing-

i wonder if theres a way to hide those or not but i hope there is-

Do you see this s---, Squidward's House? | "Do You See This Shit?" | Know  Your Meme

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Molly / Gorti <3

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i usually just don't look at public blogs unless they're from friends. I recommend just ignoring them, but just do what u wanna do I'm not stoppin ya :3

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i'll just see if i can actively find positive ones or anything related to stuff i like or make my own, ty for the info :]

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there isn't a way to hide them. you can simply just block the user and you wont ever see their blog or anything relating to them ever again, LOL. you'll see and read a lot of weird stuff, but thats only if you're actively searching for it, imo.

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i mean i would love to actively see positive blogs but if i cant do that either than idk lol

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