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161 under 17

161 zionist

161 anti-xenogender and/or anti-neopronouns (yes including noun and emoji pronouns)

161 weird about otherkin/therians

161 too serious about lgbt discourse (no one cares irl i PROMISE)

161 pro/neu/complex-contact for harmful paraphilias (pedo/necro/zoo/biasto etcetcetc)

161 those "the eroticism of the machine" people who gets weirded out when someone is actually objectum

161 use "delulu" then get weirded out by someone actually being delusional

161 endogenic system or believe in/support them

161 just be normal ok? smiling at you so niceys


152 i ""self diagnose"" with szpd and ocd (i suspect i have these things and/or have been told by people who DO have them that i probably have them, and use their terminology for my experiences, but i cant pursue a professional diagnosis right now)

152 do not to reality check me not bc it hurts me but its annoying and patronizing. im well aware that im delusional but it doesnt change my feelings or the fact that i believe in my delusions so Be fucking normal ok? ok

152 addition to the above: i have really severe erotomania towards a lot of fictional characters so if you feel romantic towards them and int w me i will probably block you. will link my f/o list when its done :)

152 im a canine therian! im every canine ever but im especially a golden retriever

152 i am objectum but like 95% of my attraction is sexual so Thats not gonna get talked about a lot on here!

152 yes i use neopronouns yes a lot of them are silly but they give me gender euphoria You do not have to use them he/him and it/its are right there. you will live i promise

152 i use neopronouns and xenogenders because im autistic and "gender" to me is more of who i am as a person and the things i like and also because its fun. maybe use a set of nounself pronouns and youll calm down

152 my partner is named D and i call them didi and i love them very much. they dont have spacehey though so you wont see them but i will talk about them :)

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