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I feel super happy lately, i dont now why. like im exactly who i want to be. An Artist, writer, good student, Ah! its just makes me so happy to feel like me! I think its the water colors i started painting with. It makes me feel so happy and mature. I didnt think i liked painting but this is really nice. I have 2 more days until i go on winter break. Im gonna miss being at school. Its pretty much just busy work until the break, so many of my teachers are just tired and want us to leave aready. Over the break ill probly try to learn more about how to use my water color skills.  Anyways, i left my hoodie in the washer, i gotta go get it (Btw, diluc and Scaramouche from genshin- Ahhhh i cant, their so hottttt) Anyway i didnt say that- 

Bye bye!-LuckySheep91

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