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uhhhm hi! i totally didn’t realize it’s been almost a month since my last post T-T 

anyways!! i wanted to say that i will now be using this blog to write down my daily thoughts! so uh i guess if you want to read about someone’s thoughts throughout the day your in the right place!

2:00 pm

i got the space hey app and i’m very confused…can you post blogs or not? cause it would be very useful if you could     anyways currently sitting on my bathroom floor trying to convince my self to get ready to go out with my dad :(( i don’t necessarily hate my dad but i don’t want to go to dinner with him lol   it honestly would be easier if he completely left T-T (oh i go to dinner every wednesday with him btw)   ignoring that i thought writing my thoughts down here might be nice because i simply refuse to talk about feelings irl  i’m honestly not sure why?? it’s not like i have no one to talk to i have my mom and my best friend but the thought of being vulnerable is so upsetting for some reason???? but it’s not as bad on here   only one person that knows me has spacehey but he doesn’t use it so it should be fine!

3:21 pm

my friend asked if i wanted to have a sleepover with her -_-     which, shoould be a good thing ig ! but it’s not T-T ok so i’m in a friend group with her and my best friend i used to be really close with her but long story short we’re not so close anymore! once in a while she’ll ask to do something with me but NEVER my best friend (i don’t think she likes him very much) although i could be a bit hypocritical because me and my best friend don’t invite her to things but when we do she never joins! she’s always busy which isn’t entirely her fault but in our(at this point monthly) calls she always just got back from hanging out with someone???? she barley even joins our calls that we invite her to everyday but i’m never really mad at her because most of it isn’t her fault but how could you be so busy around us but free around others???? plus it’s obvious she likes me more then my best friend so it’s awkward and it all just sucks and i hate that i’m literally in the middle of it! i guess i just feel like she’s lying to me :( i understand that obviously no one is required to do things all the time with me but it doesn’t even feel like we’re friends anymore:(( i really hope we could be really good friends again tho!!


just got home from dinner :p i usually have fun with my dad but a lot of the time he’s just on his phone :/ had fun tho and made up a tongue twister lol!  also!! the waiter was soo nice!!! thank you olivia <33   anyway     i feel like something is wrong and no one is telling me ????? my mom seems freaked out but she says it’s nothing but last time this happened it didn’t end well lmao      any waaaaays i want to talk to my best friend NOW

update mom came in and asked her what was wrong again :( she says it’s money stuff :(((

6:09 pm 

my uncle sounds like a sound cloud rapper then proceeded to tell me that i’m adopted  and from ukraine (i’m not)

6:26 pm

talking to both of my friends now! enjoying 

6:56 pm 

playin halo with best friend :D i beat him >:) talking about a game we played when we were younger


i actually love talking to my friend so much this is the best dude i’ve ever met  we can literally make anything funny  i can laugh so hard my throat is sore    time for friend appreciation 

(if he sees this i will be incredibly embarrassed)

10:57 pm

just listened to him talk about his halo discs like they are in a dog show   i really like this ! now he’s doing the figures

11:35 pm

i didn’t want to be up this late but i don’t wanna interrupt my friend T-T 

11:53 pm

hung up with my friend but i feel bad cause we were having an interesting convo ;-; i took care of myself more today so that felt nice! and continued my duolingo streak >:) (506 days strong)

i’m actually really nervous to post this knowing that people can actually read it and form opinions on me!! but i think i will post anyway

if someone is reading this have a good day/night!

goodnight from random

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