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Who's dis n00b?

made this account originally just to message one person, they never accepted my req after months lol, so now heres an explanation of why im even here:

i originally had >an account with the Windows93 MySpace clone, but thats been closed for a while

i knew about SpaceHey even since then but the main reason i never used this was because it didnt let you upload your own MP3 music (the only feature i cared about)

im aware you can embed youtube shit, but it aint the same dammit

the old homepage of my site used the music from my Windows93 MySpace page which after the redesign I replaced with a flash embed on my website's flash portal

i just made this account to try to contact one person who sent me some really cool art that i wanted permission to use (and maybe to try to make friends with them cuz they seemed cool), but its been months now and they've never responded so IDK LAWLZ

friends and shit keep telling me i have to use this site cus its so good and whatever (and cus its full of funni scene kids and emoz) so maybe i will. as of now im tryna write a css theme to make my page match the design of my website (aka shit lol)

 i'll likely use this to post updates using the blogging feature on new flashes and fanart on the > website, since besides my website >twitter is the only other place i even post about my flashes, so expect shit there once i get the css working

TLDR: expect more shit in the future

> <

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