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I don't really have the time (finals week) or energy to write a lot for this week’s post, which is a bit of a shame, but for the run this blog has had I think I did a good job at writing/researching topics that interested me!

p.s., for anyone unaware (i get comments time-to-time from people outside of class) this blog was made as a part of a class assignment, and unless I did my math wrong this is the last required post. I probably won't make any more posts after, but thank you for finding my little page anyway :3

For the last post, I just wanted to share a bit about my Spotify YouTube Recap to cap off the year…Yes, I pay for YouTube Premium, no I don’t have Spotify, laugh all you want BUT I’m on YouTube 24/7…

Anyway, some of the songs on here surprised me, like I really didn’t think I listened to Queencard or Lesserafim THAT much, but evidently I did! I only listen to music on YouTube, so I think this data + the playlist it made for my 2023 recap is very accurate, and as of now I’m actually only listening to the recap playlist LOL.

Slightly unrelated, but I think it's interesting how everyone is trying to copy Spotify Wrapped, though it makes sense since it's such a phenomenon now. Though I wish more music apps were willing to come up with a unique angle to their version of Spotify Wrapped, visually or otherwise. They all come off as cheap clones, rather than something original and fun. But, hey, the data is fun to see either way.

I made the playlist public, if you're interested in judging my music taste/personality, but also I have some screenshots of my recap as well. The embedded playlist is unrelated, but I've been listening to it while working on my finals, so it felt appropriate to include ;)

top artists
they definitely made the Fifty Fifty stat seem more impressive than it is, x5 inst that much + i started listening when Cupid went viral lol.

general stats
the album cover thing is a cool concept, but for some reason feels boring to me. Also, they didnt make it the cover of the wrapped playlist, which would have been cool (if its possible anyway)

top tracks + photos

Even though I said before that not a lot of apps try to do "new" things with their Wrapped clones, I do appreciate the effort that YouTube Music took to try to do something fun, though for some reason it just missed the mark for me. It's cool, and the photo album stuff is really cool, but its not new. I don't know, but I think these stats are just fun!

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