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chronically online people, why? A JUICY ASS RANT (11)


so recently, i joined this discord server. i joined it through someone on twitter that i did not know, but they seemed to have the same interest in this specific thing as me, so i figured, why not. if it was too overwhelming or weird, i could just leave! what i did NOT know, is that the person who gave me the link to join this server was 15. now, this isn't a bad thing, and a lot of 15 year olds are responsible, but this has to be the worst case i've ever fucking seen. (this might've been my biggest mistake)

i wont get into the nitty gritty of it, but for the most part, ive been in this server for around a month or two at this point, and it's a roleplaying server. i will say, i have enjoyed this server, interacting with others, and consuming the content-- but to add, the two owners (who happen to be dating, and are both 15-- and have known each other since they were 10,) are very chronically online.

now, i consider them friends because i talk to them on a daily basis, however, this doesn't help that there are little tiny things that annoy me about them-- and they're starting to slowly build up. 

around 2 days ago, one of the bigger instances that i had really made me realize how chronically online they are. one of them posted some fanart of two lesbian oc characters with the caption "yuri time" and the hastag "yuri prevails", and i went "misogyny doesnt win for another day." they immediately brought up, "WHAT DOES MISOGYNY HAVE TO DO WITH THIS!>!>!>" and i sat there with a blank face. i told them "if misogyny doesn't win, then the women win" and i thought it was a very simple joke to understand, but clearly NOT TO THEM???? this went back and forth, and i had to explain the joke to them, in which the one 15 year olds partner told me "never get into comedy." LMAO, okay, whatever, that was just one instance.

another thing that happened was i was talking to one of the 15 year olds' in dms about what they thought about specific fandom headcanons and they straight up go "sometimes people with different headcanons are very unbearable. and i hate them. if we dont share hcs we are breaking up" as in breaking the friendship off, which was FUCKING WILLLDDD TO READ.

like, are you serious? you're going to cut off a friendship just because they dont think exactly the same as you do? now, i know that i can agree not all headcanons for certain fandoms i like, but i can at least respect and still be friends with someone despite differences. i can still appreciate art of other headcanons of characters, and etc, which is fine. but i guess to this feeble minded, chronically online, 15 year old, its a big NO GO! anyways, if you're like this, please just realize how fucking stupid you sound and go touch some grass, i am begging. 

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