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my sugar baby application :3

Hey everyone! I'm not able to receive payment just yet (other than gift cards) but i wanted to get the word out that i'm looking for a sugar daddy/mommy/parent :DDDDDD 

Base info about what you can expect from me :3

~not currently ok with doing live calls but i will record audios and maybe videos (depends on what the request is) for you 

~you can request photos of any kind (i may say no depending on the request, we can talk details if you're interested 

~i'm up for platonic and more sexual interactions, whatever you'd like :33

~my rates are pretty fluid, as long as i'm getting paid idrc, i'm just looking for a way to make some money as im currently not able to get a job


~ respect is important to me, i'll respect you if you respect me

    ~ i.e. Boundaries and safe words will be respected 

    ~ if either of us expresses being uncomfortable everything goes on pause until the person is comfortable again

~my ability to be online is uncertain (bad living situation, my parents turn the wifi off every night and whenever they feel like it) so i may not be able to respond constantly

i will be adding to this if i think of anything else but yea that's pretty much it for now :3

If you have any questions you can contact me on discord! My user is .thefenwitch. , just send me a friend request and we can talk 

Thanks for reading! 

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