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Anyone else been having issues with Blingees?

So, all the blingees I added to my profile stopped working overnight for some reason, they were just fine yesterday. I already replaced them with new working ones but I'm afraid that it could happen again. Has this happened to anyone else? do you have any tips?

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blingee has been slowly dying... you haven't been able to make a new acct for a while so ppl have been password//account sharing to let newer people make blingees. i think the site is gonna die entirely soon, which is sad...

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The website is experiencing a lot of issues because the programs ran on Adobe Flash, and it looks like the entire database of blingees suddenly vanished a few weeks ago. I have the blingees I made saved to my phone and computer so I never lose them. Sucks that Blingee never made the switch to Java or HTML.

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Yeah it seems like almost all Blingees just suddently stopped working. Luckily I managed to find some new ones on a site called PICMIX. It's such a shame though, so many good ones are now unavailable.

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