saw xi rant

so recently the ELEVENTH installment of the saw franchise has been teased and i feel like i'm not hyped enough for it..? even if we're ignoring the revolving door that is their director's chair, the progressive decrease in quality - i don't really think another movie is necessary plot-wise (not to mention talk of a twelfth movie as well?!?).

don't get me wrong, i AM a fan and will still be seeing it in theaters, HOWEVER. saw has become the equivalent of your decrepit ass great granddad who you keep on life support despite his desperate attempts at persuading you to just pull the plug already. no one even knows why you bother keeping him alive anymore it's expensive and fucking depressing to watch... just let it go bro. we closed the book on every major character in 2006 - these attempts at wedging plotlines in-between movies, creating a million villain origin stories and bringing back og actors for nostalgia bait are kind of embarrassing to witness >_> at the end of the day who knows. maybe it's gonna be really good and i'm gonna be so humiliated i'll simply pulverize into a fine glittery dust

WOW i complain about saw a lot for a saw fan

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