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im sorry for all my friends

im sorry for all my friends for the fact i can be dry sometimes

im sorry if i cant always be there for you

im sorry if i can be annoying

im sorry if i can be weird

im sorry if i can be bored

im sorry for the fact im a horrible human being

js pls remain my friends i wont do it again

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smth bad boutta happen soon
i can just feel it
i always can lol
time to cry in my bed again cus its the only comfort i truly have now
watch as almost every1 leavez me again haha

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then i beg n beg for them
than my father yellz at me cus god forbid i have anger issues
then i cry again
its a cycle haahah!!

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i want to die

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im going insane
i dont know my emotions anymore
I go from crying to laughin

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why iz rhat so edgy god

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today was such an awful day
tmmrw prob gunna be worser lolz XD
each day be like that till i lie 2 myself that everythings getting better :PPP

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im being overworked
some1 help please
my mental health is shit again lol
some1 help
why are my cries not heard

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haii im easily manipulated ><

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my mother always been controlling almost everything in my life lol

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