My paranormal experience

I have thought about this for a while, and I think I was being targeted by/followed by something (not sure what) for years.

It started at my father's house. I remember a few years ago the first weird thing happened. My stepmom was talking to my dad about this new straightener she got and snapped it shut (it was unplugged), and all the power in the house went out except for my bedroom. There was another time when I was making one of those microwave macaroni and cheese cups in the kitchen. Dishes were drying on the drying rack on the stove on the other side of the room from the microwave I was facing. Suddenly a cup that was in the drying rack fell on the ground. It was IN the drying rack and my dad and stepmom were in their room. Many other things happened, especially when I moved my room into the attic. There would be knocking on the walls and footsteps.

My dad moved to Florida last year, and ever since then, I have lived with my mom. Everything was fine for a while but this year things started getting weird. I got sleep paralysis often, and one of the times I had it, at the same time my mom had something knocking on the wall loudly and my cat was freaking out. There was tapping on my window every night (our apartment was on the 3rd floor, what animal would climb up there every night at exactly 11pm and tap for an hour?). Another time, me and my mother were arguing and I went to my room and slammed the door. She had a scrunchie on the other side of the room from where her coffee cup was, and she couldn't find her scrunchie ANYWHERE. Finally, she found it in the coffee. The worst thing that has happened, however, is something that still scares the shit out of both me and my mom months later. It was 10pm and there was suddenly a loud knocking on the door, my cat was freaking out. I was confused as to who would be knocking so hard on our door this late, so I looked through the peephole to see who it was. I was expecting maybe our neighbor here to tell my brother to stop playing guitar so loud..but that was not a human being. I could see through it, it's neck was crooked, and it was looking at the peephole like it knew I was looking and wanted to be seen. I was terrified and thought, maybe, I was hallucinating. So I looked at my mom and asked her to look, and she saw the same exact thing. We were both terrified. We opened the door and nothing was there, so we looked through again and it was gone. 

We were evicted from that apartment and since then haven't experienced anything weird, but I'm so worried it will come back once we get a house again.

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That is TERRIFYING,, I hope you two and the kitty are safe and okay after all of that, id go fucking insane after 1 paranormal experience

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