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THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING I HAVE EXAMS TOMORROW AND I DO NOT WANT TO DO THEM. I have been trying to study as much as possible, but I feel I am making zero progress. hopefully, this all pays off though, because I can't fail every last one of my exams, right? That could not be possible the exam is only everything I have learned over the past four months. Plus it is only exams in periods one and three so the rest of the day I have is a free day to study my stuff even harder. Especially in biology because dude. I like bio, I just can not seem to grasp a single thing that he is saying though. I get it but I don't. I don't know how to explain it very well. Hopefully, anyone who is reading this knows what I am talking about. Goodnight.

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Poptartcat !!≧◡≦

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Dude ik exactly how it is same for me I’m like shaking in my boots the only difference between u and me is that u study (ノд`) I’m so f*cked UGHHG but I hope u the best 🫶🫶

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